Can I Change Criminal Defense Attorneys in an Orange County DUI Case?

Orange County's Best DUI Attorneys - Change Criminal Defense AttorneysYes, an individual always has the right to select who their attorney is. Attorneys are held to a high standard of ethics by the State Bar of California. There are many rules that are designed to protect a person and their legal rights. There are also guidelines an attorney must follow so that they provide the most diligent, competent and effective legal help available.

Accordingly, the client has many rights when it comes to choosing and retaining an attorney. An individual has the right not be hassled or pressured when selecting an attorney. Furthermore, attorneys may not actively solicit your business in a courtroom, hospital, or even the scene of an arrest.

Similarly, an individual who has retained an attorney has the right to terminate the attorney-client relationship at any time. An attorney, however, cannot do so without good cause and permission from the Judge.

Let’s consider an example: a client hires an attorney to help them with their Orange County DUI Case. The attorney misses a hearing due to disorganization and a warrant is issued for the client’s arrest. Furthermore, when the attorney eventually appears, he pleas guilty on behalf of the client without the client’s consent. Due to this incompetence, the client informs the Judge that they no longer wish to be represented by that attorney and wishes to change criminal defense attorneys. The client has every right to do so, and the Court will allow it.

If an individual is being represented by an attorney that is not doing work on their case to their satisfaction, they should know that they have every right to change criminal defense attorneys. An individual pays good money for outstanding legal representation, and should have the peace of mind that their case is being handled to the best of their attorney’s ability.

A DUI is a serious criminal accusation. An individual has rights that need to be protected. Proper representation effects the disposition of an individual criminal case, whether they are convicted of a felony, a misdemeanor, or even if the case is eventually dismissed. Keep in mind that there are standards that your attorney must meet. These standards are designed to protect your rights. If those standards are not being met one should change criminal defense attorneys to ensure that they are.

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